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Freedom To Escape The Rat Race

Do you ever wish you could escape the rat race?

You know that post vacation feeling you get when you arrive home from a holiday? We NEVER get that!

Why? Because we have set up our lives so that every day feels like a holiday. Does this mean we don’t work? No, we do. But we also travel full time and we LOVE what we do to earn money. Sound too good to be true? Or perhaps you think it’s not achievable for you? Read on – I will prove that it is.

I am sitting here in France in the sunshine. It’s just after lunch and we enjoyed French baguette with farms eggs and salad. A typical lunch for us here in France, although sometimes we have local cheese and sometimes we enjoy a range of cold meats. The dog is lying in the sun at my feet and my husband has just gone down to check the PH level of the pool where we are staying, as it will be warm enough to swim soon.

I am ‘working’ writing this and later I am coaching a client via Skype. I LOVE what I do. At some point later this afternoon we will walk the dogs in the lush green fields and this evening we will light a log fire and watch movies. This is a very typical day for us at the moment. We are here for 4 weeks and then we will be moving on to the next place we are visiting. ‘Here’ is in France near La Rochelle, one of the sunniest areas in France.

This is how we live our lives, myself and my little family. In between doing this we make time to visit family and friends wherever we are traveling.

Stuck In The Rat Race!

This is a very different reality from what I was doing this time last year. I cannot believe it is only 1 year ago that I was working three jobs, running around every day, juggling my work in an effort to keep up with the bills. I was exhausted. My husband was working around 60 hours a week as a Chef. We hardly ever saw each other, in fact there was rarely a day when neither of us were working.  I was up to my eyeballs in debt. We wanted to travel but we believed we were trapped. We had this vague notion that if we worked really hard, maybe in 3 or 4 years we might be able to pay off our debts and scrape together enough to follow our dream. Maybe. But it felt a long way off. My biggest desire back then was to escape the rat race.

There were good things about my life then, my husband being one of them, and our dog. I also enjoyed teaching my Zumba class and the people in the pub I worked in were nice, however running a fitness business whilst juggling 2 other jobs and not earning much money at any of it felt really demoralizing. Especially when I knew I had valuable skills and something to offer, plus I had previously held an important position/job in London. I tried so hard, and yet it seemed that nothing I did made any difference, and the bills kept coming. I got depressed. I got sick. I tried ‘being frugal’ but to no avail. One major missing piece was wealth consciousness (see below).

Making New Choices – Seeing New Options

what do you choose to see in this photo

What do you choose to see?

So I bet you want to know how we got from there to here right? Well that is the interesting part. I suppose I could call it a series of awakenings and new choices. But that is kinda vague so let me give you the details.

The Turnaround And The Beginning Of Wealth Consciousness

It started with a turnaround. You see my husband and I had been thinking really hard and working out ways that we could travel sooner. We had looked at all different ways to earn money including affiliate marketing amongst others. Mostly it involved working harder and trading hours for dollars, however the truth was we couldn’t physically work a lot harder than we already were. I could have got a ‘better’ job – I had worked as a Project Manager in London before, however I had also burned out from stress whilst doing said job in London and I was determined never to do that to myself again! I wanted less stress. Plus I didn’t feel right going for a big, important position, only to say ‘bye bye – we are off to escape the rat race’ after a couple of months to head off traveling.

I was just about to pack up my fitness business to go and work in a nursing home (NOT a good career choice for me but it was the only way I could think of at the time to get the money I needed for my dream). I always had big dreams, and I had an idea about starting a coaching business that I could run online while we were away, however I had no idea how to get it set up and with a couple of failed business attempts behind me I didn’t have much confidence either. Plus I had pretty much zero in terms of wealth consciousness.

At the same time my flat in London had just sold, part of an old life that I had left behind, and I was able to use the money from the sale to pay off some of my debts, however I was still around £5000 in debt,  so that is not how we got here in case you were thinking I got a big windfall.

Anyway the thing was I kept getting this nagging feeling that I was heading off down a wrong path. Not to be snobby but it just didn’t feel right to me to be going to work in a nursing home. I did that when I was 18 years old and I have had so much life experience and gained so many skills since then. Something in my psyche didn’t want me to go and work in that nursing home.

I fought with myself, using my logic to justify it and tell myself that it was just a job, a means to an end, however my soul wouldn’t allow it. Thank God! Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with working in a nursing home, however it was not my purpose, it was not my path, and that is why it would have been so wrong for me.

Below is a video to help you if you have any negative beliefs that are holding you back. Sometimes negative beliefs can sabotage our results when we don’t even realise we have them!

Making The Decision To Escape The Rat Race

All I knew is that I was no longer prepared to put off our dream. I got so frustrated with how things were that I determined I would find a different way – no matter what! We were going to get  OUT of the daily grind we were trapped in. We were going to travel. And we were going to do it quickly. That was all I knew, but it felt like a decision inside of me, a kind of ‘steel in my gut‘.

graphic image wording - escape the rat race - wishful thinking becomes realityOne thing that REALLY helped me at this stage was writing out my desires clearly, and using the self development tools on this website to make it into a reality:
Plus using Raised Vibration made it easier to start developing wealth consciousness.

A few days before I was due to start in the nursing home I was listening to something from Gina Devee (a Success Coach) and it inspired me to look into getting a Coach. The coach I was drawn to was a high end coach, and by that I mean that her services weren’t cheap, and yet something drew me to her. She was offering a complimentary Discovery session, and although I knew it would be a sales conversation, I decided to book it. Something in me told me she could help me. Trying to create my dream by myself was just so hard going, and I was fed up of working the way we were. Life just felt like a struggle and there was a part of me that just knew it wasn’t supposed to be this way.

So I booked the session. We spoke and at the end of the Discovery session I found myself agreeing to buy a £3000 coaching package! Which would seem like absolute madness for someone who had just sold nearly all her possessions to add to her travel fund, had scrimped and saved every penny and worked every hour under the sun to get the money saved for traveling. And yet here I was doing it.

Something in me just led me to do it, because frankly, I had to try something different! Now I just had to tell my husband how I had committed all the money we had saved for traveling to coaching, because it was going to help me build my business up in a way that would allow us to travel and have the money we desired to escape the rat race (at least I hoped it would!!).

city girl banner helps you to escape the rat race and increase wealth consciousness

My Coach runs ‘CityGirl’

Luckily my husband is an understanding man, plus he has learned to trust my intuition. It still wasn’t easy to tell him though. It helped that he could see my enthusiasm for this coaching and for building up my own online business and coaching practice. So he said it was fine. He said even if it meant we put off the traveling until we had paid off the coaching that would be OK with him, because it was what I really wanted (lovely man). But it WASN’T OK WITH ME. I was not prepared to put off our dreams any longer. I said NO. That wasn’t going to happen. I was determined to earn back the money and more so that we could live our dream sooner. I was determined to increase my wealth consciousness. And then the pressure was on.

Fears and Doubts Are Normal – Don’t Let Them Stop You!

I’d like to tell you that I had perfect faith. But that isn’t true. I had some faith, otherwise I would never have taken that leap. I also had a hell of a lot of fear. The kind of fear that would wake me up at night thinking ‘what the heck am I doing??!!’ How did I expect to be able to make those payments for the coaching when I didn’t even believe I could afford all my bills!. However luckily for me I stuck with it through the fear, because there was something inside of me leading me, and I just knew it was what I had to do if I wanted my life to be different. I had to get out of the rut I was in. I had to escape the rat race. I had to increase my wealth consciousness.

That is what high end coaching is designed to do anyway. It is designed to stretch you, way out of your comfort zone. Not only in terms of the coaching itself, but also in terms of the financial commitment. I mean heck when you have paid £3000 you are darned well going to make it work! The scary part was not knowing how. But the truth is we never know how when we first start something new and I had to go ahead without knowing. Luckily I had experienced this kind of stretch before once in my life when I had changed how I was around men and in relationships, and that had brought me a happy marriage, so I knew to trust the process, and I stepped fully into it, even though it felt like stepping off a cliff!

Making The Leap Of Faith

photo of woman jumping to escape the rat race

You can read about how it felt to me at the time to make that leap of faith here:

It’s now 8 months later and that time when I was struggling so much feels like another life time, so much has happened. That decision changed my life. And it wasn’t just the coaching, there have been many other steps along the way. However the coaching was the first step that got me unstuck and pushed me forward, out of my comfort zone. It was also the motivator I needed to start re-claiming my power around my own abilities to be of value in the world and to start creating a valuable service based business and generating income. In the end I invested a total of £6000 in coaching, and I don’t regret a single penny. It was worth it – it got me to where I am now! One thing I absolutely had to address was my wealth consciousness.

Wealth Consciousness

In addition to the coaching I was also working on my mind set, specifically on my wealth consciousness. If this is a new term to you it basically means your awareness of your ability to earn and receive money and your awareness of the opportunities around you. If you had asked me back then when I was working three jobs about wealth consciousness I wouldn’t have understood you. Since then I have studied it, and that is a big part of my transformation and why we were able to step up into our dream so quickly. Now I know that you want me to tell you that there is some magic, practical answer to your money barriers, you know the ones that stop you living your own dream life, and I WILL tell you some practical stuff in a minute, however hear me now – THIS IS THE MAGICAL PART – and unless you get to understand this wealth consciousness stuff then NOTHING else you do will make any difference! Let me repeat that – unless you learn about and increase your wealth consciousness no practical action you take will make any difference to your situation.

This is proved by my own lack of success when I was struggling with my fitness business, and the business I ran before that, and the fact that now my business is so successful. Have I changed? Well yes but I am still the same person. I just have a new awareness. I have worked on and developed my wealth consciousness in conjunction with taking the practical actions I needed to build a successful business. If I hadn’t changed my mind set and beliefs this would have been a very different story, and likely another failed business attempt on my part. There are many teachers for wealth consciousness, and I would like to recommend you start here with David Neagle. He has a free video series you can sign up for that will start you on your way to overcoming blind spots and developing wealth consciousness .

Another resource that I highly suggest and recommend for this is here: -

Square Banner - Woman (500x500)

Please excuse the ‘salesy’ American tone of the page you get directed to for that last resource, however it really is an excellent resource and one I use every week (every day when I first got it). Also it is a very reasonably priced, meaning that you don’t have to spend loads of money if you are new to this and wanting to dip your toe in! The resource you will find there is an audio training course on Wealth Consciousness called ‘A Happy Pocket Full Of Money’. The thing I love about it most is that I can play it while I am doing something else, like cooking dinner.

During the time right before we came away, I was educating myself about wealth consciousness using that audio training. I was also reading many books on the topic. You can see all the ones I recommend in the JulieMaryCarmen Shop. And I was listening to Gina Devee’s Divine Living radio shows.

It’s Starts With A Mindset Shift

So basically it had to start with a mindset shift. I had to develop wealth consciousness and I had to develop my mind in so many other ways. You see back then I really didn’t think I had the power or the money to create what I desired. I was wrong! As soon as I was able to shift that belief and instead shift my focus to ‘what CAN I do‘ everything changed. As my mindset changed, and I began to trust that there was money out there for me (although at this stage I still didn’t know how) things began to happen. Firstly I allowed myself to invest in proper website support. My new web guy was able to help me build my site in a way that felt good, and do things with SEO that I wasn’t even aware existed. I also allowed myself a professional photo shoot, even though again I was afraid because I didn’t believe the money was there for me.

It was!

Every time I needed the money to support me with something that was on purpose for me (ie – on my right path and in alignment with my true desires) the money would show up. I will be completely honest and say that initially some of it came from credit cards, however before starting this process I didn’t even think I could get credit – my credit report was not in great shape – and later the money came through my business and clients. And yet each time that I needed the money for something related to building my business, and then later getting out the door to travel, voila – it would show up. Let me stress something here – this was NOT luck. If you don’t understand what was happening yet go back to the section on wealth consciousness.

To cut a long story short fast forward a few months and I have earned back all the money I invested, plus a little more AND we are traveling. You see we didn’t wait until we were out of debt. We didn’t wait for ‘the right time’ because the truth is if you wait for the right time you will NEVER go! Waiting is a loser’s game when it comes to your dreams.

Instead we found ways we could live our dream sooner. And you know something else shocking – IT DOESN’T TAKE A LOT OF MONEY TO TRAVEL! – Don’t believe me? I am living proof! And you know what I have more money now, and I am better at managing my money, than I ever was before.

Are You Ready To Escape The Rat Race? – Learn How To Build A Business And Get Free In Your Own Life

If you are fed up with your everyday life, and you are ready to escape the rat race. If you are ready to develop your own wealth consciousness and would love to do for yourself what I did for myself, and create a profitable business and a life you LOVE, I would be honored to coach you and show you the way. You can start by applying for a complimentary Discovery Session with me where we can connect and talk about your desires. Then we can work out whether we would be a good fit to work together. You can apply using the form at the side or bottom of this page.

A word about my clients – I only take on people who are committed to creating real change in their lives. You don’t have to know how (I will help you with that), you just have to want it with a passion. If this calls to you – if you feel called to work with me deep in your gut as I did with my coach – apply RIGHT NOW. Don’t put it off or your fear and doubt will prevent you from acting.

Amazing people don’t do it alone – they get the help they need to be great!

That leads me onto another concept that will help you get started right now!

Start With Your Desires

I have written about this before HERE and HERE

You need to know EXACTLY what it is you desire. Then write it down. Clearly, like a story. Dare to be outrageous and don’t worry if it is realistic. Make lists of your desires regularly and think about what you desire every day! Not in a wishful way or stressing because you believe you cannot have it, just imagining it and what it would feel like to have it. And then realize that anything (and everything) is possible. For me it was just starting to realize that perhaps a little more as possible for me… and then a little more than that.

Sometimes it only took the thought ‘What if it IS possible for me to have/do this?’

Julie Freedom Pose 2

Committing To Yourself

Earlier I referred to a part of my process that I called ‘Making The Decision’ and this is a stage you have to go through also. Another way I speak about it is deciding that you will do …. (whatever it is you dream of doing) NO MATTER WHAT! That means you make the decision even before you have any practical idea about how you are going to do it.

It’s called committing to yourself.

The commitment comes first, the transformation comes after!

So, let me ask you, what are you committed to creating in your own life?

If you find this concept hard a book that can help you with this is:

OK onwards. So let’s talk about how we actually do what we do, my husband and I. How do we live this life of travel and fun? How do we afford it? How do we make money day to day, what is it like etc?

How We Live Our Dream Here At Julie Mary Carmen

Now let me share the practicalities of how we actually do this, how we finally managed to escape the rat race. How we get to have this amazing, freedom filled lifestyle.

We get to travel full time because we house-sit for people. We accept house-sitting assignments at various desirable locations in Europe and then we look after the property, and usually pets, for between 2 weeks and 6 months. In return we get to stay at the property rent and utility bill free. That is right – we don’t pay rent! All we pay for is our food and of course our petrol to get there. We only accept the house sitting assignments that suit us and where we love the location and the house.

You may or may not know that we started this journey in a motorhome, however we have realized that traveling in this way doesn’t suit us so well. We will be selling the motorhome and instead purchasing a 4×4 to get around. This feels more in keeping with our particular travel style. So you see make a start and then tweak as you go. You cannot plan for every eventuality anyway and your plan is likely to change as you go along.

We both work online. I have built up my coaching practice and writing/blogging business to bring good income, and my husband shifted from being a Chef to being an SEO expert and a whizz at Google+. We also both do some affiliate marketing, although I only ever recommend products and services that I love and use myself. And it’s true that one thing leads to another because those affiliate marketing and SEO skills that we learned last year, which at the time didn’t seem to bring us any money in, have now come into their own paying us dividends as we combine them with doing what we love and wealth consciousness. I have used my marketing skills to help get my website and business to the level it is at today.

Once you make a start there are numerous ways to bring in income. However you must make a start. Take action, any action. And you must do something that you are passionate about alongside working on the wealth consciousness piece. If you don’t do something you truly love my opinion is that you won’t build true and lasting wealth anyway.

Motivation 1

You Can Be Financially Free

So what then once you start actually bringing money in doing what you love? This is the other side of wealth consciousness. For me wealth consciousness is also about the practicalities of what you do with your money.

A very recent lesson for me was to understand that I can achieve financial freedom. Yes, even I myself, starting from where I started (in debt), can achieve financial freedom. And that means that you can too, from wherever you are starting! This was SO exciting for me to learn because it never occurred to me before in my life that I could get to stage where I am financially free.

So what do we mean by financial freedom? Do we mean lots of nice shiny new things? Do we mean not being in debt?

No, for me being financially free means living a truly wealthy life. It’s not JUST about money although money plays a big part. It’s also about standard of life and knowing how to handle money when it  comes in so that it doesn’t just immediately flow right back out, but instead you get to keep it, and put it to work to earn you more money. It does also mean not being in debt. And it means knowing the real difference between an asset and a liability.

It means never having to work again unless you want to!

Yes that really is possible for the likes of you and me. And it really doesn’t matter if you don’t have much (or any) money right now. It’s not even about how much you earn (your income) but rather what you do with your money.

Are we financially free, my husband and I?

Not yet. But we are well on our way. And it’s just another way that I desire to be free in my life. I will achieve it. Quickly.

I was able to make this transformation and start learning about money because of one amazing mentor called Ann Wilson aka ‘The Wealth Chef’.

You can learn about Ann and what she does here: The Wealth Chef

You too can learn to be financially free.

This is where you too can finally learn how to manage your money so that it works FOR you and supports you, and so that in just a few years you can be financially free. And this will allow you to escape the rat race for good.


I hope that my journey has inspired you. I hope you can now understand the importance of developing wealth consciousness.

I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you have, Feel free to leave your comments about escape the rat race in the comments box below or e-mail me.

Start creating the life you love today!

With Love


Escape the rat race

Escaping the rat race

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