You Can Have It All!

Imagine waking up in the morning, excited to get up because you knew you would be spending the day doing something you loved, making a difference in the world and earning very good money from it. Imagine having a business that supported you to live your dreams and fulfil all your biggest desires.

Imagine if it was actually easy to attract all the ideal clients you want, and receive the money you desire in return for your services.

Bus coaching pic 2Sound too good to be true?

It’s not!

Julie Mary Carmen

Here at JulieMaryCarmen we take a stand for women to have it all!

If you are a new female Entrepreneur or you are currently stuck doing an uninspiring day job but you have a big idea and you spend all day dreaming of running your own business, we are here to help. If you have big dreams, we are here to help you make them into a big reality.

We specialize in helping women to get unstuck and create the romantic business that you love, which can replace your salary in a very short time. We help you to identify your expertise and your niche, package up your passion and start selling it in a way that feels good to you. We help you to find your market and get crystal clear on your message, no more floundering in the dark, no more procrastination.

Business Coaching

If you love travel, fun and romance you are in the right place – who said business had to be serious? Learn how adding romance, travel and fun into your business can explode your brand and easily attract your ideal clients to you.

We help you to build a business designed around YOU and your lifestyle. In addition we help you to balance your masculine and feminine energies within your business, guiding you to set up the masculine structures you need to be fully supported, and drawing on your creative feminine energies, so that both you and your business thrive.

business coachingJulie is uniquely placed to help women with a vision to have it all. She knows that you can earn the money you desire through a business you love without sacrificing your personal life. She is living proof that you can create a romantic feeling and successful business that supports you to live out your biggest desires.

With a strong background in coaching, and a successful freedom based business to boot, Julie offers mentorship, support and tools to help women create the same thing for themselves, empowering her clients to have it all!

Talking of a life you love, have you had a look at The Freedom Files yet? This is where Julie shares her own travel adventure as she travels around Europe with her husband and Charlie the dog, whilst running her own romantic business. Take a look and follow the journey! 

In Escape The Rat Race Julie shares “how we have been living since we packed in our jobs in the UK and took off travelling in 2013. In the article I share all about how my husband and I went from living in debt and feeling over-worked and stuck, to be free, travelling, staying in desirable locations and earning money doing what we love in the most romantic way. I share the mind-set shift AND the practical stuff”.

If you are ready to claim your own transformation and you would like to find out about working with Julie one on one to create a successful passion based business, then we invite you to book a COMPLIMENTARY DISCOVERY SESSION

In a Discovery Session you will:

  • Discover how you can create a successful business doing what you love and start earning quickly.
  • Explore how bringing more romance into your business and being authentically you will attract all the ideal clients you desire.
  • Get unstuck and gain clarity on your next steps.

You really can have it all, the business, money and life that you want.

I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you in your next steps.

With Love