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Do you need relationship help? Do you love you man but your are in pain and feeling  lonely. Has your man withdrawn? Perhaps the romance has gone and the intimacy dwindled. He is not as caring and attentive as he once was, or worse you argue and fight and it is exhausting. Did you dream of something more and better for your relationship? Do you feel STUCK and you just can’t seem to move on past the pain and challenges to get the happiness and love you so desire? Let me reassure you, if you are experiencing any of this in your relationship it doesn’t have to be this way.

I know because I have been there. I have experienced ALL of those things in relationships in my past. In the past to me RELATIONSHIP = PAIN. However I was able to turn all that around for myself and I am now happily married. I now support other women to turn around their painful relationships using all the tools and techniques I learned and developed so that you can do it quickly and easily for yourself, and go from PAIN TO PLEASURE in record time with your man.

Julie Mary Carmen

Here at Julie Mary Carmen we use Coaching and my signature, powerful Breakthrough for Relationship session to support you to get UNSTUCK from your relationship problems and create a happier, healthier relationship with your man. You will learn how to powerfully and quickly turn this situation around and have your man come back towards you using special tools and techniques that I will teach you. You will also learn how to be in your feminine energy to ramp up the attraction and build romance. Learn how to communicate and process your emotions so that arguing will be a thing of the past, and open, honest communication will take precedence. Once you learn how to do this it will shift everything for you and you can start to experience the joy, connection and freedom within your relationship that you crave.

Choose and create the HAPPY RELATIONSHIP that you desire, and a life you love.

Talking of a life loved, have a look at Escape The Rat Race to see our trip around Europe, and how we have been living since we packed in our jobs in the UK and took off on an indefinite road trip – now this is freedom! In the article I share all about how my husband and I went from living in debt and feeling over-worked and stuck, to be free, traveling to and staying in desirable locations and earning money doing what we love. I share the mind-set shift AND the practical stuff.

If you are ready  to get FREE from the problems that are keeping you stuck in your relationship and life then I invite you to join me on a COMPLIMENTARY DISCOVERY SESSION. 

In a Discovery Session you will:

  • Discover exactly what it is that has you stuck, the root of your issue.
  • What the barriers are to changing the situation, this is what is keeping you stuck.
  • The next steps to get free from the pain and begin to transform your life and relationship.
  • We will explore whether we would be a good fit to work together to help you transform your relationship / life and powerfully move forward.

I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you in your next steps.

With Love – Julie.

 The Freedom Files

Here I share all the places we travel to as we experience our own journey to freedom! I post the most recent places at the top of the page. Enjoy!

France 2014

Escapism in the Dordogne

The energy of the Dordogne, France feels relaxing. The sense of space appeals to anyone who has felt suffocated and trapped by their everyday lives. Just the fact that no-one even cares where you walk shows how attitudes differ here from in the UK. Everything is slower. Everything feels better.

The French Dordogne

The French Dordogne


We headed back up to the South of France and we are now enjoying staying in a rustic French Farm house in the Dordogne. It is so beautiful and relaxing here. And a chance to catch up on some work we couldn’t do while we were on the road.

Having been on the road for several days and feeling less than glamorous (see video below), we decided to stop and treat ourselves to a little luxury. We stayed at the Hotel Agassins in the historic town of Avignon for two nights and we also ate in the restaurant, which turned out to have 2 Mitchelin stars, much to our delight. Husband Stuart being a Chef he particularly appreciated this. We didn’t even plan it, which goes to show what the universe can bring when we are in flow!

Photos of Les Agassins, Le Pontet
This photo of Les Agassins is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Looking for a luxury secret escape? I highly recommend Secret Escapes!

Scallops starter

Pigeon Terrine


In 2013 my husband and I packed up our jobs and set out on a travel adventure. We decided to start living life by our own rules.

We chose to step out of the rat race because we desired something better. I left a pub job and narrowly escaped working in a nursing home! We started with NO MONEY. We created the money we needed to get started. For us that looked like a motorhome, although since then the way we choose to travel has changed. You can see our progress right here on this page (bottom to top).

If you would like to know how we did it by all means just get in touch and ask me!

If you would like to do the same in your own life, and finally start consciously choosing how to create your life from here,

Book a complimentary Discovery session with me to find out how we can work together and if we are a good fit I can support you and show you the way to create what you really desire in your own life.


Italy 2014


In Puglia in The South of Italy we got to relax for a few days and sampled the local produce. It is winter here and on this particular day there was some beautiful winter sunshine. Everywhere is green and plush although we are told this is not the case in summer when it gets very hot. Can you see the motorhome in the picture peeking through the olive trees?

Puglia Italy

Puglia Italy

Here I met my own Coach and she showed me some of the culinary delights of Southern Italy.

Food in Puglia

Food in Puglia

After a VERY long and beautiful drive through France we have arrived at Puglia in South Italy. I am still a little tired and we are having a blast anyway. There is beauty all around. It is still cold here although we have had some sunshine. I am having to get over my creepy-crawly phobias as we are in rural Southern Italy in a villa deep in the countryside (among the olive groves), sharing with a few insects. So far we are enjoying fresh produce such as olive oil, olives and produce from the garden.

Here are a few pics from our journey down.

Freedom in Italy!

Freedom in Italy!

Alberobello, Italy.

Alberobello, Italy.


Read about our trip to see the Trulli Houses of Alberobello HERE.


Wales 2014

We stopped in to Wales at the beginning of January, right before we left for Europe, to see Stuart’s family. It was cold but we got some lovely sunshine. This was Charlie enjoying a run on the beach.

Freedom is an experience!

Freedom is an experience!

December 2013 -

Our country cottage in Northumberland, UK. We are here enjoying open log fires, dog walking,cooking and Christmas films.

Northumberland 2013



juliemarycarmen Portsmouth 2

These pictures were from a trip my honni and I took to Portsmouth earlier in the year to celebrate our anniversary. The hotel was beautiful and Portsmouth is a lovely sea-faring town with lots of history.


Honeymoon in the Highlands.

Honeymoon in the Highlands.

After getting married in Scotland in October 2013 we took our honeymoon in the motorhome and visited the Highlands. It is absolutely STUNNING and so secluded. There is something melancholy that made my heart ache with the beauty of being there. The mountains of the north-west Highlands are so wild and desolate. We had such a good time camping on the windy mountains and by the lochs. And then we stopped for some rest and relaxation 4* luxury stylee near the Isle of Skye, providing the perfect contrast when we came down from the wilds.

Luxury with JulieMaryCarmen

What does freedom mean to you?

What does freedom mean to you?

In the summer we spent some time enjoying the English countryside!


Freedom is important to me!

Freedom is important to me!

Apart from supporting women to have fabulous relationships, I am also completely passionate about encouraging women to design their own lives by following their passions. Freedom is really important to me, and I highly recommend that others also live their lives feeling free, whatever that looks like for you.

On this page I am going to share snippets of our (mine and Stuart’s) journey to freedom, including pictures, snippets of writing and links to any relevant blog posts and websites. I hope you enjoy this page. I know I will enjoy creating it!

Here is to living life with FREEDOM and PASSION! Here is to a life less ordinary.

Julie. x



Charlie, our dog, travels with us!


In 2013 we packed up our jobs, left the rat race and said goodbye to the daily grind. We headed off on our travel adventure. At the same time I also started up JulieMaryCarmen. Since then I have built up a very successful online business that allows both myself and my husband to live the lifestyle we desire, on our terms. No more working just to survive.

Is it time for you to learn how to do the same in your own life?

Let me mentor you and show you how. We can start with a complimentary 30 minute Discovery strategy session to connect, discuss your goals and find out if we would be a good fit to work together.

Apply using the box below and a member of the team will be in touch shortly.

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Feeling stuck or frustrated?
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